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godot would be faster

16 June 1989
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albert camus, amadeus, architecture, asexuality, avatar: the last airbender, baccano!, ballet, battlestar galactica, breaking bad, bruce springsteen, cats, chris abani, clarice starling, clouds, code geass, comedy sans humiliation, community, connie willis, coriolanus, danny tidwell, david foster wallace (mostly), david sedaris, deadwood, deserts, dessa, developing photos, discworld, disney, e.e. cummings, eddie izzard, emily dickinson, endearingly bad media, ethics, f. scott fitzgerald, false document fiction, fantasia, fantasia 2000, federico garcia lorca, fiction, firefly, frankenstein, fyodor dostoevsky, gaius loltar, gender, giacomo puccini, good omens, gunnar ekelof, haibane renmei, harold pinter, helen oyeyemi, henry iv, henry v, history, homestuck, hummingbirds, igor stravinsky, j.r.r. tolkien, john singer sargent, jorge luis borges, judaism, kate beaton, king henry iv, languages, les miserables, linguistics, lisbeth salander, lost, luther, magnificent bastards, margaret atwood, mary shelley, michael ondaatje, mishima yukio, mlp: friendship is magic, much ado about nothing, musicals, neonoir, nina simone, obsessive meta, oceans, photography, physics, pixar, poetry, portal, princess tutu, prose, psychology, puella magi madoka magica, pyotr tchaikovsky, rabindranath tagore, ralph vaughan williams, retold fairy tales, revolutionary girl utena, richard thompson, sarah lindsay, sexuality, silence of the lambs, singin' in the rain, space peacocks, stealth awesome, stealth protagonists, stephen crane, stephen sondheim, subverted chess metaphors, susan-lori parks, sylvia plath, televised curling, terry pratchett, the beatles, the brothers karamazov, the good wife, the hunger games, the plague, the secret history, the silmarillion, the west wing, theology, tomas tranströmer, tori amos, translation, velociraptors, vladimir nabokov, wade & amanda robson, wall-e, wallace and gromit, warren zevon, wastelands, well-made trailers, william shakespeare, wordplay, words, writing